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Your trusted partner for an easy and safe investment in a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio.

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The easiest way to invest in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. No collection of different accounts, wallets and no hassle with private keys. Monthly entry and exit possibilities in Euros. We take care of the rest for you.


To protect your cryptocurrency, we have integrated the highest level of industrial security, Ledger Vault (insured up to $150 million). With our registration with the AFM we have also taken the first steps towards regulation. Your security is paramount to us.


With our expertise in traditional investment, data analysis and cryptocurrencies, we have put together an optimal investment strategy. Your portfolio is actively managed by our traders who thoroughly research trends and new opportunities in the market. Always a tailor-made strategy.


Our portfolio consists of a well-considered mix of cryptocurrencies. But at Hodl.nl you do not only invest in a basket of cryptocurrencies. A part of your investments will be managed by trading bots and used to obtain returns from various DeFi services. We diversify your opportunities.


The digital revolution is currently shaking the world to its foundations. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are, according to many, the greatest innovation since the advent of the internet.

At Hodl.nl, we believe that investors deserve an experienced, trusted and responsible partner who can help them invest in this emerging asset class. That is why we offer actively managed transparent investment funds under the supervision of the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM). Our funds invest directly and spread in a basket of cryptocurrencies.

We specialize in DeFi services, have a strong presence in the crypto community and have access to the latest data. We communicate directly with the major players in the industry. Our research reports are highly appreciated, and our safety is of the highest industry standard available today. HODL, Hold On for Dear Life!

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Unique Strategy

With our expertise in traditional finance, data analysis and cryptocurrencies, we have joined forces and created an optimised investment strategy. The funds we offer make use of this unique strategy, which ensures a spread of your opportunities across various fronts. We do not offer just a basket of cryptocurrencies!

Every day our analysts watch the market and are looking for the newest projects. The funds are composed based on both technical and fundamental analysis and balanced based on macro-trends.

In addition, part of the investments are used for our DeFi services and algorithmic trading bots. In this way, we ensure that you can grab extra returns in various market situations.

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The Hodl funds

At Hodl, we manage three different funds, namely the Hodl.nl Genesis Fund, the Hodl.nl Oracle Fund and the Hodl.nl Consensus Fund.

The Hodl.nl Genesis Fund targets institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals who want to make cryptocurrencies part of a diversified investment portfolio. The addition of this new asset class optimises the risk/return ratio of a modern investment portfolio.

The Hodl.nl Consensus Fund is available on invitation only.

The Hodl.nl Oracle Fund is available on invitation only.

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Hodl.nl Genesis fund

YTD Since 31 Dec 2021
Since establishment*

*since 31-7-2020

Hodl.nl Consensus fund

YTD Since 31 Dec 2021
Since establishment*

*since 31-7-2020

Hodl.nl Oracle fund

YTD Since 31 Dec 2021
Since establishment*

*since 31-8-2021

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