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Hodl cryptocurrency investmend fund Hodl cryptocurrency investmend fund

Our story

Hodl was founded in 2017 to introduce investors to bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through workshops and seminars. When interest in this new asset class increased a new service was launched. Investors were guided through the entire cryptocurrency investing process: buying, selling, storing cryptocurrencies in a safe wallet, ‘Private Coaching’ covered it all.

By combining our experience in traditional wealth management, data analytics and cryptocurrency, we were able to scale at a rapid pace and increase the efficiency of our coaching. In the years that followed, we built an extensive network within the industry, optimized our investment strategy and started developing the trading bots that are being used for the funds today.

In 2020 it was made possible for funds who invested in this new asset class to register at the Dutch Authority Financial Markets (AFM). The team immediately started preparing the paperwork and within a couple of months completed the registration process. We are immensely proud to be one of the first investment firms to receive an AFM registration for our Genesis fund and Consensus fund. Since then, we have managed to grow our funds and are continuously looking for ways to improve our services.

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Hodl cryptocurrency investment fund Hodl cryptocurrency investment fund

Our core values


At Hodl we have a set of core values our customers can expect from us, our employees emanate and our partners respect.

We believe in cryptocurrencies and the great benefits they bring. Just like the blockchain, we aim to be dependable, honest and transparent in everything we do.

Our investors trust us with their investments and we take care of them with the utmost care. We research, analyze and monitor every choice we make and act accordingly.

Without curiosity, Hodl would not exist. It’s what got all of us into the cryptocurrency space in the first place. We want our employees to search for new and interesting opportunities for the firm and share these great findings with you.

We understand you might be overwhelmed by this new and dynamic market; we have been there too. Therefore we want to be as accessible as possible to all our stakeholders. If you have a quest

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Our team


Maurice Mureau

• 25 years of experience in asset management
• Former fund manager at Merit Capital Antwerp & London including a 5-start Morningstar fund
• Investment manager of fixed income securities
• Oxford Said Business School Fintech

Nick Friedrich

• Cryptocurrency Trader since 2012
• Former Forex-trader
• Algorithmic trading bot developer
• Advisor of multiple startups in blockchain technology

Peter van Dam

• Former innovation manager for multiple international data-analyses companies
• Organiser of cybersecurity events in cooperation with Nokia and Dell
• Part of projects of the European Commision to enhance innovative financing


Axel Macro
Chief Legal Officer

• More than 30 years of experience as lawyer
• Chief Legal Officer at DPA Group for 6 years
• Serial entrepreneur and investor


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