Becoming an Investor

How to become an investor?

Investing in a new asset class can be an exciting process, to help you understand the steps necessary to participate in one of our funds we have created an overview of the necessary steps.

1. Read up on cryptocurrency

Before investing in any new fund, asset or financial product, you should immerse yourself in some self-study. What is a blockchain? What are cryptocurrencies? Why do they have value? It is wise to have some idea as to what the asset you are investing in does and why it has long-term value. 

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2. Decide on the amount you would like to invest

Decide for yourself which risk profile suits your exact needs and what the exact amount is you would like to invest. After you have joined the fund it is of course possible to add or withdraw additional funds every month. This gives you the best experience and the freedom of investing in cryptocurrency at

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3. Contact our team

Contact one of our team members after you have decided that you would like to invest in cryptocurrency and know which amount you would like to invest with. After contacting us we will schedule an appointment with you, digital or on location whichever you feel more comfortable with. This way we will get to know each other and we can give you an explanation of everything we do and what the exact process will look like. 

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4. Fill in the necessary documentation

After you have had a chat with one of our team members we will send you the documentation necessary to participate in one of our investment funds. You can find an overview of these documents on the following page so you can get a preview of the information we will require. This documentation must be accurate and complete when returned as we need to comply with AFM regulations.

5. Transfer the funds to our bank account

After we have checked all your documentation and it appears to be correct and complete we will ask you to transfer the investment amount of your choice to our bank account. As our bank account is located in Ireland, a manual SEPA transfer is required. Further instructions will be sent to you in an email after the documentation has been finalized. After we receive the funds we will immediately send a confirmation email.

6. Receive calculation of participations

At the end of each month, we calculate the Net Asset Value (NAV) of our funds. Based on these calculations we will calculate the number of participations you will have in our investment fund. Together with this calculation, you will also receive your login details so you can see your exact yield in our portal. You are now an official Hodler!

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7. Stay up to date

Now that you have access to the login portal you can log in whenever you want to see the progress of our NAV. We will keep you up to date with monthly reports, in-depth research and blogs so you know exactly what we are doing each month. Ready to join? Get in contact with one of our team members right now!

Ready to invest?

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