We believe that the financial system is changing. Hodl offers investors access to the financial evolution with a carefully selected cryptocurrency investment portfolio.

Why invest in cryptocurrency?

The financial system as we know it is changing. Since the Financial Crisis of 2008, trust in the current economic system has been declining. Central banks continue printing large amounts of money, creating an artificially supported economy. The problems of this monetary policy are becoming increasingly visible: inflation is rising and a growing part of the population is aware that this cannot continue indefinitely.

Bitcoin was created for exactly this reason. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or administrator, which is not dependent on policy making. It creates a fairer economic alternative. Since Bitcoin's success, thousands of cryptocurrencies have been introduced, each with its own application. Diversifying your portfolio early with a small allocation in cryptocurrency can offer excellent returns. 

Why Hodl?

Easy access

At Hodl, we provide easy access to cryptocurrency investment. There is no need to worry about different accounts, wallets and private keys.

You will get exposure to a broad selection of cryptocurrencies and will be able to enter and exit the Hodl funds monthly in your preferred currency.

Experienced team

We have put together an optimal investment strategy thanks to our experience in cryptocurrency and the traditional investment world. 

The Hodl funds are actively managed and adjusted daily based on thorough research into the latest trends and opportunities in the market.

Trusted approach

The Hodl funds use a traditional bottom-up investment model optimized for the cryptocurrency market. 

Besides a traditional investing strategy, we complement the unique risk-return distribution with our algorithmic trading bots and various Decentralized Finances (DeFi) services.

Carefree investing

We offer our investors the highest level of safety by incorporating Ledger Vault, the best-in-class cryptocurrency security solution. 

In addition, our investment processes are carefully documented and our accounts are structurally audited by third parties.

Our investment strategy

Chairs final

Active portfolio management

The Hodl funds are daily adjusted by our analysts. We are always looking for new investment opportunities to optimize the return of the funds further. Hodl uses a bottom-up strategy to distribute the investments in our funds. Doing so can make an excellent risk-return analysis and give our investors the correct exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

Algorithmic trading bots

Unlike the stock exchange, cryptocurrency markets are open 24 hours a day. To take advantage of this, we deploy our own algorithmic trading bots, which are active 24/7 and scale positions in and out at the most favorable moments.

Decentralized finance services

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) services are used to generate additional returns for our investors. This latest cryptocurrency and blockchain technology development offers additional yield opportunities. The DeFi services that Hodl focuses on are staking, running nodes, providing liquidity and airdrops.

Our funds

Genesis Fund

A diversified investment in cryptocurrency for institutions, family offices and individuals.

Since Inception 
Hodl Artemis

A new investment product for the starting cryptocurrency investor.

Since Inception 
Oracle Fund

This fund is available on invitation only.

Since Inception 
Consensus Fund

This fund is available on invitation only.

Since Inception 

Frequent questions

What should I pay attention to when investing in cryptocurrencies?

Investing in cryptocurrencies is slightly different from investing in stocks or bonds, as this new investment category is still under constant development. While investing in cryptocurrencies brings risk and volatility, it also offers significant return opportunities. At Hodl, we recommend that investors adopt a long-term perspective when investing in this technology. 

You can find more information about the risks and other essential things you should review in advance in the Essential Information Document (EID) and the Investment Memorandum (IM). Investors can find both documents on our website via the fund documents page.

What makes Hodl unique?

Hodl caters to serious investors by offering an actively managed cryptocurrency portfolio that can be easily accessed and exited on a monthly basis. Due to our experience in traditional finance, our portfolio is carefully constructed at a weighted risk/return ratio. Our algorithmic trading bots optimise our returns, and they strategically scale positions in and out 24/7.

Furthermore, we differentiate ourselves by participating in various DeFi services. Hodl helps to validate transactions, maintain blockchain networks and provide liquidity. Hodl's mutual funds are long-only, which means that we do not use short positions, leveraged trades or derivatives.

How do I become a Hodl investor?

To become a Hodl investor, it’s important to first meet with our financial specialists at our office in Rotterdam or virtually if preferred. Together we assess the role of cryptocurrency in your investment portfolio. We will also review the necessary documentation, which you can complete at home.

When the verification process is finished, you can transfer the preferred investment to Hodl. On the last day of the month, your investment will officially enter the Hodl funds. Once you become a Hodler, you will gain access to our client portal where you can monitor the performance of your investment. To keep you informed, you will also receive biweekly and monthly updates via our investor newsletter.

Are the Hodl funds under supervision?

Currently, it is not possible for Hodl to have direct supervision of the AFM due to the unknown legal status of cryptocurrencies. However, Hodl is registered with the AFM as an alternative investment institute acting as manager for:

  • Genesis Fund under registration number 50025134
  • Consensus Fund under registration number 50025133
  • Oracle Fund under registration number 50026692

This registration means that Hodl has a KYC and AML policy based on the Dutch Financial Supervision Act (Wft) and the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act (Wwft)

What is Hodl’s fee structure?

Hodl's fee structure consists of two components: the management fee and the performance fee. 

Management fee:

Hodl's management fee stands at 0.5% per quarter on the invested assets. This management fee is calculated monthly and collected quarterly. 

Performance fee:

Hodl's performance fee is 20% on the positive returns achieved and is calculated using a High Watermark in Net Asset Value (NAV). The performance fee is calculated monthly and deducted from the net income. 

The above costs are already included in the returns we communicate and therefore show the net result of the funds.