What is Revolve Games (RPG)?


Introduction Revolve Games (RPG)

Revolve Games (RPG) is a cryptocurrency project that wants to merge the gaming industry with the cryptocurrency market. They want to achieve this by incorporating various aspects of the cryptocurrency market, such as DeFi (Decentralized Finance) products and NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) into their game.

In the game, a virtual reality is created in which you get to discover the universe as an astronaut. You fly around in a spaceship from planet to planet to discover new places, play mini-games and socialize with other players.

What is Revolve Games

What will make Revolve Games different from other games is that the characters and items will be linked to DeFi products and NFTs. A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a special type of cryptocurrency token that represents something unique on the blockchain.

These digital tokens give the possibility to function as a form of ownership confirmation. The NFT trend is currently trending in the world of arts. In this game, however, the tokens are linked to characters, items, and land. By tokenizing these items, they become tradable on the blockchain.

Revolve Games’ Technology

Initially, it is not required to use cryptocurrency to play the Revolve game. You can get to know the game and its various possibilities with a number of basic characters and items. However, to unlock special items and characters you are motivated to link a wallet and participate in the crypto aspects of the game. You can do this by purchasing the RPG token and connecting your wallet to the game. These tokens can be obtained on the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon network.

By locking your tokens for a longer period, you have a chance to win additional items. If players want a new NFT character or item, RPG tokens must be staked in a so-called NFT generation pool. In the NFT generation pool, random characters, items, or pieces of land are created. It is very similar to the loot box system already implemented in multiple games.

The loot box system is also known as a kind of lottery to earn extra items. Because the items are all linked to NFTs, they can be traded on the blockchain and create an in-game economy.

Revolve Games' Technology

The items in the game can be divided into two groups:

1. Items that are linked to an NFT
2. Items not linked to an NFT

Characters and attributes that are not linked to an NFT are also not linked to the RPG Token. These characters and attributes can be used by all players but have no real value. The attributes that are linked to an NFT are directly linked to the RPG token. The owners of these NFTs can exchange them for RPG tokens in a decentralized marketplace. This decentralized marketplace is part of the DeFi aspect implemented by Revolve Games.

Revolve Games Use Case

So, what is the use case of Revolve Games? In the future, more and more value transactions will take place via the blockchain. The ideal setting for carrying out/testing these types of transactions is, of course, games. Online games have never been more popular than they are today and are increasingly mirroring real life. Buying houses, clothes, swords etc. in online games is becoming normal nowadays.

Currently, this online economy is centrally controlled by game studios. However, these kinds of transactions can also be arranged via the blockchain, creating transparency and sovereignty for the players.

Revolve Games' use-case

Online games have become a big part of daily life and the movement towards decentralized frameworks is a logical next step. We believe that in the near future concepts like Revolve Games are going to become the standard for online gaming. NFTs and DeFi are going to create healthy ecosystems where earned items and marketplaces are truly in the hands of the users.

The Revolve Games Ecosystem

Revolve Games has partnered with Dutch Game Studio which have a great deal of experience in the field of game development. As the name suggests, they are a well-established gaming company based in the Netherlands.

One of the key features of this game is that companies and advertising agencies can place advertisements in the game. Owners of land NFT’s can then make their space available for advertising. A portion of the proceeds from these advertising costs will then go back to the Revolve team. This way, the Revolve ecosystem keeps on expanding.

Hodl has also found its place in the Revolve Games ecosystem. The funds have invested in the private sale and we are therefore a proud early investor in the Revolve Games project!

Roadmap Revolve Games

The roadmap for Revolve Games looks very promising. Below, you can see exactly what the team has lined up:

Revolve Games' roadmap

We will keep you informed of any major changes that take place in this protocol. In any case, we are very excited about these steps!

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