HODL is derived from the word "hold" and is a term commonly used in the cryptocurrency world to refer to the buy-and-hold positions taken.

Our story

Hodl.nl was founded in 2017 with the aim of introducing investors to the innovative technology of blockchain and cryptocurrencies through workshops and seminars. After a short period this led to the next step in which clients were guided through the buying and selling process of cryptocurrencies and helped to keep the purchased cryptocurrencies safe. This form of “Private coaching” was very successful and the rapid growth led to further professionalization.

In July 2020, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) granted Hodl the AIFMD license to manage two investment funds. The Hodl.nl Genesis fund and the Hodl.nl Consensus Fund. Both funds are included in the AFM register. An overview of licensed AIFMs can be found on the website of the AFM. website van de AFM.

The Hodl team has extensive experience and a proven track record in cryptocurrency investments and years of experience in fund management in traditional investments.

Our team


Maurice Mureau

• 25 years of experience in asset management
• Former fund manager at Merit Capital Antwerp & London including a 5-start Morningstar fund
• Investment manager of fixed income securities
• Oxford Said Business School Fintech

Nick Friedrich

• Cryptocurrency Trader since 2012
• Former Forex-trader
• Algorithmic trading bot developer
• Advisor of multiple startups in blockchain technology

Peter van Dam

• Former innovation manager for multiple international data-analyses companies
• Organiser of cybersecurity events in cooperation with Nokia and Dell
• Part of projects of the European Commision to enhance innovative financing


Jess Muntenaar

• Four years of experience in crypto trading en research
• Co-founder CrypToBe

Aron Pierre

• Four years of experience in crypto trading and research
• Co-founder CrypToBe
• Graduated AD entrepreneurship at the Hogeschool Rotterdam

Bianca Kempenaar

• Behavioural Economics expert
• Active in crypto & blockchain since 2017
• 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship



Hodl.nl considers safety of high importance and is therefore the first in The Netherlands to work with Ledger’s Enterprise solution. The Ledger Vault offers the ultimate solution in securing digital assets combined with flexibility and right compliance.

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Crypto 2 Cash

Hodl.nl partners with Crypto2Cash and uses their platform to convert fast and secure cryptocurrency to 29 FIAT currencies such as EUR, USD, GBP, AUD and SGP. Crypto2Cash has high liquidity which allows them to execute the transfers immediately.

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LTO Network

Hodl.nl runs staking services for various blockchain projects such as LTO Network. LTO Network has developed a fully decentralized blockchain infrastructure that can be
integrated directly into any organization. LTO Network’s infrastructure verifies digital assets and ensures that work processes can be executed in a decentralized way.

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Coinpass operates from the UK and is registered under the Financial Conduct Authority. Through Coinpass’s platform and technology, customers can buy and sell
cryptocurrency quickly, secure and instantly.

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Digital Capital Ireland

Digital Capital Ireland is a FinTech company from Ireland that provides cryptocurrency brokerage services. Another activity of DCI is the creation of market and research reports.

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Within Europe, Hodl.nl cooperates with various cryptocurrency exchanges. ZBX is active as a partner in this market and offers its services to both private and institutional traders. On ZBX’s platform, Bitcoins and altcoins can be traded against other cryptocurrency or FIAT. ZBX operates from Switzerland.

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