Constellation Network Report

Constellation Network (DAG)



Ever since the successful implementation of blockchain technology in bitcoin, many organizations seek to add this emerging technology in their daily business operations. However, due to the exponential increase in business data and the complexity of modern business processes, many blockchains are unable to support these needs. 

Many blockchain protocols are limited in scalability, lack transaction speed, are costly in their use, and are limited in customization. Some protocols are able to target one of these issues, but none is able to counter them all.

Constellation aims to bridge real-world businesses with crypto economies by providing a user-friendly framework with open-source developer tools, infinite scalability, and a feeless and secure network.

Constellation Network Report

Download our Constellation Network Report to get full insight into the blockchain project. The research contains several of the following notable elements:

  • Preface
  • Solution
  • Technology
  • Use-cases
  • Team overview
  • Ecosystem
  • Tokenomics
Constellation Network Report

Download the complete Constellation Report