Ocean Protocol Report

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)



Over the last several years, data has become the backbone of many business processes. Rather than merely being a by-product of different business operations, data has evolved into a key strategic resource that provides invaluable benefits for any organization seeking to succeed. A wealth of information, on the other hand, remains locked up in centralized platforms, corporations, and enterprises and is simply unusable.

The Ocean Protocol project aims to build a decentralized data exchange that can free up the data sharing economy. It connects data consumers with data providers using blockchain solutions. This allows data to be exchanged with ensured trust, openness, and traceability for all concerned parties.

Ocean Protocol Report

Download our Ocean Protocol Report to get full insight into the blockchain project. The research contains several of the following notable elements:

  • Preface
  • Solution
  • Technology
  • Audit
  • Use-cases
  • Team overview
  • Ecosystem
  • Tokenomics
  • Technical analysis

Download the complete Ocean Protocol Report