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Empowering blockchain focused projects

At Hodl Ventures, we share the mission of helping the brightest minds to navigate the world of Web3 by providing them with necessary guidance, relationships, and funding.

Long-term partnerships

As it stems from the name, long-term collaboration is the primary part of our investment thesis, and we are committed to work with promising projects at an early stage of their development that will move the crypto space forward.

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Our value proposition

Strategic Introductions

Hodl is connecting projects with its extensive network of close partners, which represent the leaders of the cryptocurrency industry


HODL’s team is advising teams on a variety of imperative topics: token economy, product-market fit, partnerships development and community building.

On-chain Analysis

HODL leverages blockchain data to assist young projects in improving their scaling strategies by extracting patterns of behaviour among the token holders.

Early-Stage Capital

Hodl changed the traditional approach of venture capital financing by focusing solely on long-term investments, which evolved to become the primary principle of our investment thesis.

About Hodl

HODL’s team has been in the digital assets space since 2012 with the company’s funds being registered at AFM (Authority for the financial markets of the Netherlands). We are committed to help our partners in navigating the transforming markets of digital assets and blockchain technology.

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