Pattern Ventures

Backing disruptive crypto and blockchain start-ups

Hodl Ventures proudly represents the venture capital arm of Hodl. We help professional investors get exposure to early-stage investments into the startups that will shape the future of the digital assets market.

We are committed to providing our investors with the best opportunities in the emerging market of crypto & blockchain.

Long-term collaboration is the primary part of our investment thesis. We look for projects with a clear long-term vision and provide them with the necessary funding, guidance and network.

Hodl Ventures

Our value proposition

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Unique opportunities

The Venture Capital industry is incredibly difficult to access for individual professional investors while the opportunities are endless. We help investors access the unique opportunities of early-stage investments into the most promising blockchain startups.

Boutique Investments

The majority of Venture Capital Funds have become too big in terms of capital, which constrains them from investing in smaller tickets. We leverage this to our advantage, seizing the opportunities with the highest growth potential.

European regulated

Due to our European base of operations, Hodl Ventures is building on regulated structures enabling us to provide our investors with safe and secure crypto investment products.

A selection of our portfolio