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Why use Hodl for investing your funds in cryptocurrency? At Hodl it is our mission to make investing hassle-free! We offer our customers a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio without the necessity to constantly monitor and trade in this dynamic market.

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One of the most important aspects of the cryptocurrency industry is security. With cryptocurrency, a mistake or safety issue is just around the corner. By registering at the Dutch financial regulator (AFM) we have taken the first steps towards creating a well-regulated investment fund. By doing so we are required to be transparent and open about our fund performance and have streamlined business processes that are audited by external parties. On top of this, we have integrated the highest enterprise-level cryptocurrency security, namely Ledger Vault. By having multiple digital authorization setups and risk management built into the process we are sure your funds are safe. For further protection, our assets have a pooled customized crime insurance program of up to $150 million.

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Unique investment strategy


Instead of just investing in a basket of cryptocurrencies we use three fundaments to create yield for our investors. First of all, we actively trade cryptocurrencies by using fundamental and technical analysis to discover trends and new projects. By doing in-depth research we actively manage and rebalance our portfolio to reflect market trends. Secondly, we allocate a part of the fund to our algorithmic trading bots. These bots trade based on micro fluctuations in price and can create a steady yield during any market state. By doing so we are not fully dependent on price developments within the industry. Finally, we allocate a part of our portfolio to DeFi services. With the total amount of assets we manage, DeFi mechanisms such as staking, running nodes and providing liquidity provide lucrative rewards and a steady income.

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One of the great things about cryptocurrency is that anyone can be their bank. Access to this new asset class and more complicated financial instruments within the industry are relatively easy. However, for many investors, the amount of research, time and effort they must spend monitoring and trading the market is just too much. Is it the right moment to start investing in cryptocurrencies? How do I buy cryptocurrencies? Are my coins safe? How do I recognize a good coin? A small selection of questions we regularly get during our workshops and webinars. They illustrate what investors are struggling with when investing in cryptocurrencies. Hodl provides an easy option for investors to access a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio.

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