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Fund information

The Hodl GIB Fund is registered in Gibraltar and is tailored to the diversification of investment portfolios of institutions, family offices and high-net-worth individuals. 

About Hodl GIB

The Hodl GIB fund is structured according to a traditional bottom-up formula. By dividing our investments into 3 different layers: The Foundation, The Floor and The Top, we can make an excellent risk-return analysis and give our investors the right exposure to the cryptocurrency market. To further optimize our returns we developed our own algorithmic trading bots to leverage the daily volatility of the cryptocurrency market. 

Features of Hodl GIB

  • Investments starting at €100,000
  • Actively managed portfolio with more than 20 different cryptocurrencies
  • Registered in Gibraltar under GIIN 397DXP.99999.SL.292
  • Monthly entry and exit moments in your chosen currency
  • Safe storage of cryptocurrencies in the Ledger Vault
  • Annual managers fee of 2% and a performance fee of 20% based on high watermark (annual reset)
  • Performance to be tracked weekly through our client portal
  • Monthly updates on trends, developments and news