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The Hodl VC Fund is regulated in Gibraltar and is tailored to provide institutions, family offices and high-net-worth individuals access to early-stage investments in the emerging digital assets industry. 

About Hodl VC Fund

The Hodl VC Fund primarily focuses on the private market of the digital assets industry, investing in early-stage token deals and private equity. The Fund follows a diversified approach, investing across various sectors such as AI and infrastructure to avoid reliance on specific sectors.

Additionally, the fund allocates capital for follow-up investments in successful ventures, enabling us to increase our exposure to promising investments. Moreover, our VC Fund strategically maintains liquidity through secondary market investments, capitalizing on industry growth while introducing our early-stage investments.

Features of Hodl VC

  • Investments starting at €100,000
  • Regulated in Gibraltar
  • Venture Capital portfolio focused on early-stage token deals
  • Fund term is expected to be two years with a one-year option to extend
  • Investor payouts are scheduled for the first quarter of 2026
  • Annual managers fee of 3% and a performance fee of 20% up to 300% returns and 30% above 300% returns
  • The waterfall is European, returning 100% of called capital before paying carried interest
  • Performance can be tracked through our Client Portal

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