Nick Friedrich joins Hodl Group’s supervisory board, and leaves as Director

Hodl Team
Hodl Team
23 February 2024

Nick Friedrich, co-founder and chief operation officer (COO) of Hodl Group, will join Hodl’s supervisory board and leave the organization on the operational side. Dirk-Jan (DJ) Schuld, chief performance officer (CPO) of Hodl, will assume Nick’s role as Director while maintaining his current role in the organization.

Nick founded Hodl in 2017, initially focussing on providing personalized coaching and investment strategies to help investors navigate the digital assets markets. As demand grew, Hodl transitioned to managing client’s capital, relieving them of market challenges. This led to the launch of two Dutch investment funds, with Nick focussing on the trading and investment strategy.

Over the past four years, Nick moved from trading and investment strategy to business development, steering the company and expanding Hodl's reach internationally. In addition to his role at Hodl, Nick has been instrumental in developing the algorithmic trading bots the Hodl Funds utilize, leading to the creation of another company, Growity.

Nick Friedrich joins supervisory board Hodl

After seven years of active involvement in Hodl's operations, Nick has decided to shift his focus to the strategic side of the Hodl business and Growity, where he can actively implement his passion for trading and investing. As a result, he steps down as Hodl's Director but will join the Hodl supervisory board alongside Axel Hörger. DJ Schuld will take over Nick’s role as Director.

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DJ Schuld assumes the role of Director

In 2022, DJ joined Hodl Group after spending 25 years in various leadership roles at Lloyd’s Register and as principal advisor for capital-intensive industries. Throughout the past two years, DJ has played a pivotal role in enhancing efficiencies across various operational processes at Hodl. Moreover, DJ has successfully introduced Hodl to the Middle East region and Southeast Asian markets, where we are gaining a foothold. Due to his significant involvement in Hodl’s daily operations and his strategic leadership, DJ has been appointed as one of its Directors.

DJ takes over role as director Hodl

We want to emphasize that the transition of Nick to a more strategic role within the new supervisory board will be pivotal for the Hodl group operating in a fully regulated environment, and therefore relinquishing operational duties. In his new role, Hodl will continue to benefit from his wealth of experience, vision, and knowledge.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at info@hodl or +31 85 060 7077.

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